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  • BRUT at the Architecture Biennale


    BRUT is proud to be part of the 2016 Venice Biennale of Architecture! The residential tower in Antwerp we are working on together C.F. Møller will be featured in the Danish pavillion as part of the exhibition 'Art of Many - The Right to Space'.

  • start of construction elderly housing


    Beginning of 2016, the construction of a new elderly home in Antwerp designed by Brut and Osar started. The new buildings replace the existing ones and will lead to a better integration of the complex in the surrounding neighborhood.

  • 4 schools in construction


    In Ninove the first symbolic stone was revealed on the new playground. Our 4 schools in the "Scholen van Morgen"-program are now under contruction. Together with the students, we are looking forward to the result.

  • Happy 2016


    "Het huis van de Willebroenaar" is published in Archipendium 2016, a unique compilation of contemporary architectural culture in a compact format. This architecture calendar shows 366 days of new trends in architecture.

  • 90.000m² of public space


    Brut formed a team with the Danish architects of Cobe and got selected to participate in the competition for the refurbishment 90.000m² of public space in the center of Antwerp, Belgium. The current parking lot will be replaced underground, making way for new qualitative public space and urban landscape. Exciting months ahead!